Current members

Edgar Roldán

ICTP Associate Research Officer (Spain)

Research interests: stochastic thermodynamics, biophysics, martingales, active matter,
random walks, experiments in nonequilibrium physics

Teaching: Professor of Biophysics (ICTP and Universita di Trieste)
Biophysics – ICTP QLS diploma program

Education: PhD in Physics, Universidad Complutense de Madrid



Roman Belousov

Postdoctoral fellow (Russia)

Research interests: biophysics, active matter, statistical physics, stochastic dynamics, thermodynamics and fluctuations

Education: PhD in Earth Sciences, Università di Torino



Rita Majumdar

PhD student – STEP program (India)

Research interests:Stochastic Thermodynamics, Non-equilibrium System, Active Matter, Stochastic Heat Engine, Fluctuation Theorems, Jarzynski Relation and Biophysics

Education: Msc in Physics, Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi


Ashwin Gopal

Master student (India)

Research interests: Non-equilibrium statistical mechanics, stochastic thermodynamics, critical phenomena, long-range interactions, active matter, glassy systems

Education: Integrated Bsc-Msc in Physics, IISER Pune


Fahad Kamulegeya

ICTP Postgraduate Diploma Student (Uganda)

Research interests: Stochastic thermodynamics, Computational, structural and theoretical biophysics, Statistical physics, Non-equilibrium Physics, Active matter, Random walks

Education: BSc Physics and Mathematics,  Makerere University


Former members

Ekaterina Vedenchuk

Summer student (Russia)

July 2019

Research interests: biophysics, random walks, fluid dynamics, molecular dynamics

Education: MSc at Mechanics and Mathematical Modelling, St. Petersburg State University


Jane Garcia

Summer student (Phillipines)

July 2019

Research interests: stochastic resetting, biophysics, first passage processes

Education: MSc in Physics, University of the Philippines Diliman

Current position: PhD in Physics, University of California, Merced


Alexandre Guillet

Summer Student (France)

June-July 2017 and 2018

Research interests: biophysics, stochastic thermodynamics, wavelet transform, coherence/consonance in rhythmic signals (musical, physiological, etc)

EducationMsc ENS-ICFP Paris

Current position: PhD student in Laboratoire Ondes et Matière d’Aquitaine, Bordeaux, France

Research and education opportunities